Wednesday, July 4, 2012

French Homes - 3 Romantic Reasons to Consider Buying One

It's not a secret that the French capital, Paris is the world's favourite travel destination. It receives more than 70,000 visitors each year, enchanting them with its glitter and sophistication. Many of these tourists decide to purchase an apartment in Paris and this decision is not surprising at all - the country attracts foreign families with its wonderful mix of weather conditions, beautiful countryside, centuries-old culture, outstanding health care and more than acceptable pricing of the properties it has on offer. Here we present you with five random facts that further unveil the charms of the French homes - in case you are looking for something more unusual than the regular 'Guide to Buying a Property in France'.

 A Sense of Elegance and Sophistication

beautiful french home with large windows
With their famed mansard rooflines and majestic entrances, French homes make us think of French chateaus. This always provides a sense of sophistication, dreaminess, and elegance. And who hasn't imagined what it is like living in a castle? Another distinctive feature of French homes are exterior French doors - large glass doors that allow for having a closer connection with nature. Since most French houses are situated on large pieces of green land, the very typical French doors allow for a unique lifestyle that makes you feel at one with the surrounding environment, while also being protected by the outside weather conditions.

Become Part of French History - And Get Paid for That

historical French property for saleDid you know that buying a centuries-old mansion in the French countryside can open up more opportunities than you might have ever imagined! Except for having the chance to get hold of a dream house, restoring the splendor and magnificence of a mini-castle, you can be part of a historical event and get paid for that. There are specialized foundations that can help you finance the restoration of qualified French houses and buildings. There are certain conditions and requirements that you have to meet, but you stand a very good chance of ending up with significant tax breaks and cash for doing something that you would have done anyway.

Live Lighter!

Did you know that French homes have no closets? As we already mentioned, most of them are historical houses, filled by charm and tradition. The lack of closets surely makes it harder for you to store numberless pairs of jeans, suits, and shirts! This does make you raise the question - do I really need all these possessions? The lack of closets in French homes will definitely make you get rid of some old clothes that you have been keeping out of sentimentality.

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