Wednesday, July 4, 2012

French Property Buying in 2012

French property prices did rise in 2010 and 2011, and this fact, on the background of the Eurozone’s economic developments, spurred comments that French homes are strongly overvalued. Other opinions are that the properties offered in the world’s most popular travel destination are definitely worth the investment, and a very good long-term opportunity for someone, who appreciates fine food, rich culture and a sophisticated lifestyle.

What do other buyers think about purchasing a French home now, in 2012?

According to a recent survey, 48% of participants claimed that they believe now is a very suitable moment to invest in French property. Moreover, nearly 85% said that they are planning to do so, without taking out a mortgage. The same proportion of people are confident that the country still ranks very high on the real estate market, as it ensures excellent value for money spent. Taking into consideration these outcomes, it is not surprising that nearly half of the people answered that they are planning to purchase a French home with the purpose of permanently settling there, and another 40% - with the intention of making it their second residence (holiday home). Only a small percentage said that they were researching French property options for investment reasons.

What are the most popular regions for buying a French home in 2012?

As you might guess, there are trends in French property buying, too, and certain regions are more popular than others – mainly because of the fact that they offer a good balance between pricing, quality of properties offered, weather conditions, lifestyle, etc. So, what are the regions that should be on top of your list, too. Languedoc-Roussillon is the preferred location of about 15% of surveyed French property buyers; next on the list comes Limousin, followed by Aquitaine, Brittany, and Poitou Charente. Despite the fact that most people sigh at the thought of Paris, the city of romance and fine wine does not make it in the list of most popular destinations when it comes to living there. Its busy lifestyle and real estate prices only resonate with about 0.8% of buyers.

Who is buying French property in 2012?

Although UK citizens still represent the larger portion of French property buyers in 2012, their interest has decreased for certain regions. On the other hand, US and Australian real estate buyers have demonstrated a rising interest in the possibility of owning a French home.

What sort of French real estate is everyone after?

Finally, if you are still unsure what kind of home will best suit your needs in France, it might be helpful to know that most people (nearly 90%) prefer to purchase a house rather than an apartment or a chalet. We don’t mean to surprise you at all buy saying that older houses, which don’t need much refurbishing are definitely winning the buyer’s preferences, compared to renovation projects, new developments, or plots of land. A final point is that although most French property buyers are not concerned about the Eurozone’s current instability, they intend to spend a good 12 months in choosing the French home that is right for them!


  1. This is great place to with a great history..France is widely acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful countries in the World..buying property in France has been a very popular investment..

  2. Ah, charmant France! Ma mère alvays loved talking about France. It was really beautiful! Living in the Ville de l'amour would be a dream come true. I would have liked to see the lourve and the scenery. I would definitely be happy living in France for the rest of my retirement years.

    Lakisha Zimmerer